New Year, New Look, New Blog

I’ve decided to totally revamp this blog, namely because it was often dead-in-the-water because of lack of my own content. With that said, now the blog will highlight videos I come across that strike me as awesome, while peppering-in some of my completed work along the way. To jump-start 2012, here are a few videos that rounded-out 2011 in epic fashion. Enjoy!

With 2012 here, and the impending apocalypse upon us, I thought this would be the best video to exemplify what mankind is all about: billions of people all living under the same roof.

Arguably my favorite video series of 2011, “Eat, Learn, Move,” like it’s titles, doesn’t need a complicated introduction. (Note: “Move” is my favorite)

MUTEMATH’s “Blood Pressure” music video blows my mind. I would love to see this FCP timeline:

Aside from the obvious sentimental values, I personally appreciate this video because there, in fact, is no video what-so-ever. It’s entirely made up of still images. And anyone who has tried to create a “video” with still-images knows that to make the video watchable and compelling, that’s hard to do. So kudos to you, Jeff Harris, and keep up the good fight.


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