Matter Video Production – 2011 Highlights

Essentially, my 2011 REEL:

Matter Communications is expert in all kinds of public relations. Video production is a specialty that has produced some of our most noteworthy recent work. During 2011 we had the opportunity to work on many exciting, creative video projects with clients in a wide array of industries, from high tech to consumer products. Each project had unique technical and creative challenges, and this video gives just a taste of that work. Matter is a results-focused agency and our video production services help our clients reach their goals – and that makes us pretty proud.

Click the links below to see full-length, final versions of the examples:

00:09 – CVS/pharmacy:
00:17 – Sigma Corporation of America:
00:25 – Sea Cuisine:
00:29 – Verizon Wireless of New England – internal webcast
00:33 –
00:41 –
00:45 – PMDA Portraits of Love:
00:49 – McGladrey – Business Forum Speaker Series:
00:55 – DXO:
01:01 – Demandware
01:04 – High Liner Foods:
01:07 – ILFORD Imaging


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